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The skinny on how I set goals and actually achieve them! 

Today I want to talk with you guys about goals, how you set them, and how you can achieve them. Ah yes, things are getting very real today. Get ready for this. 😉  

So, getting right into it… I have always had a very clear vision for how I want my life to be. Along with this vision comes a very clear set of steps to help myself achieve my goals and make my vision a reality. It can be hard some days to keep pushing, when all you want to do is stay in bed and watch Netflix/sleep/be lazy. There are a few tips and tricks I have up my sleeve to keep myself going and always be moving towards my goals.

It can be scary as hell to set your sights high, as many people often think this leaves room for failure. I actually think the opposite. If you have high expectations for how you want your life to be, you have already mentally set yourself up for success. By setting high goals (even if you only accomplish half of what you originally set out to achieve) chances are you will achieve more than you would have if you had set modest goals.




Totally obsessed with that quote, always have been. Just ignore that fact that it is totally factually incorrect and pretend that those literal distances make sense haha. But it is the spirit behind the quote that I like and apply to my life legit every day.

Aim for the top. Don’t be conservative. Be bold with your vision, and your achievements will directly reflect that!

How to bring your goals to life? VISION BOARDS!

I like to have physical reminders of what I want in life plastered all over my house. One key thing that I always am updating and working on is my vision board. A vision board is kind of like a scrapbook for how you want your life to look – a visual representation of your goals. Having a vision board is a great way to remind yourself why you get up every day and work so hard. (It can be easy to forget when you get in the thick of work/school/general life responsibilities.)

To make a vision board, all you need is a cork-board from the dollar store and a bunch of magazines. Go through the magazines and cut out anything that represents or looks like something you want in life. Your vision board is completely personal and can be organized any way you want. It is also something that is never “done.” I know I always am adding new things to mine that are more relevant, and taking away things that have maybe become a lower priority for me. Compile your favourite words, phrases, photos, or quotes and throw them all together on your vision board. Put the board somewhere you literally can’t avoid it (mine is above my full length mirror lol) so you will see it every single day.

Whatever you want in life, it is yours. So go out and get it babes! And remember, set them goals high. You won’t regret it 💕

How to you make your goals come to life? Do any of you guys have tips to share?? Comment below!





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