… when you REALLY don’t want to. If We are all being honest with ourselves, there are just those days when the last thing on earth you want to do is get some exercise. Yup, the very last thing. When I am in one of those moods (happens more often than I would like to admit) I have a few ways that I motivate myself to get my butt off the couch and do something good for my body.

Without further adieu, here are my Top 10 Ways to Get Yourself to Workout:

1) Go look at Izabel Goulart’s Instagram account. Watch a few of her workout clips, and you will basically jump right up and do your own workout. (She is PHENOMENAL.)

2) Do something fun! Instead of going to the gym, do something a little bit different. For example, swimming, hiking, rollerblading, a Skinny Belle workout.

3) Call a friend. And not the friend who is going to tell you that you guys should order Dominos ASAP and watch Gossip Girl re-runs. Call your most motivated gym friend and do something together! The buddy system is crazy effective.

4) Think of this… the only workout anyone ever regrets is the one that they didn’t do. (<– real talk.)

5) Take a look at that pair of skinny jeans you bought last year a size too small as “motivation jeans.” Go out and get those skinny jeans, girl.

6) Just do an easy workout! If you really are not feeling it, it is always better to do something than nothing at all. I totally change my workout based on how I feel that day. If I have lots of energy, I will do a big workout! If not I do something light and relaxing.

7) Listen to some pump up music! I usually search “girl power” on 8tracks and that gets me all fired up and Beyonce-like. Haha, don’t judge. It works.

8) Plan what you will reward yourself with after your workout! Not with cake, leave the cake alone. Try an episode of your favourite show, or a nice hot bath!

9) Go watch this video of the Under Armour women’s campaign with Gisele. So so motivating. #iwillwhatiwant

10) Appreciate the fact that you have the privilege of a wonderful body that can do amazing things like run, jump, and feel the wind in your hair. Seriously, I am so thankful for my health. Just think, how lucky you are to be able to do these things! We only get one body, so be good to it and treat it well.

Β This Top 10 list really does work for me.Β It is highly rewarding to be able to get yourself to do something that you don’t necessarily want to in that moment. Now I want to know… what is your favourite tip from this list?! Which are you going to use next time you are feeling like sitting on the couch and not getting outside?






  1. Your list is great…especially the last one! We are lucky to be able to work out…so many disabled people would love the privilege to get up and move around!

  2. I’m constantly looking for ways to motivate myself to go to the gym! It helps having a good gym buddy to help keep me accountable, but sometimes you can’t workout together and need solo motivation! #10 + music are a great way to get it done!

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