Today I was totally in the mood for a super sweet fruity juice! Normally I make my jucies mostly from vegetables, and just add enough fruit to sweeten them up. Learn more about the benefits of green juice by clicking here, and learn the basics of juicing by clicking here. Anyways, today I was feeling like a treat so this is what I made! So tasty, going to make this one again for sure.

What’s in it:

 – 2 apples

 – Handful blackerries

 – 1 large carrot

 – 1 orange (no peel)

 – 1/4 lemon (no peel)

 – Small slice of ginger

Put all those beautiful ingredients in your juicer and enjoy! Try and only drink fresh pressed juice when you can, it is so much better for you. 

I also wanted to let you know that I am starting to put together some more Skinny Belle workouts for you guys! It has been a while since I have shared my favourite workouts with you, so I really want to give you some more to do. If you check out the workouts I have already posted, I give you a pdf file that you can save to your phone. This way you can take Skinny Belle to the gym with you, and do the workout from anywhere! 

The main reason that I have not been sharing my personal workouts with you lately, is that it is ski season! During this time of year I really get most of my exercise from going skiing. That being said, the weather is getting warmer and it is almost time to be doing my Skinny Belle workouts again! Just wanted to keep ya’ll in the loop and let you know what is coming up.

Happy Wednesday friends! 





16 Replies to “FRUITY JUICE”

  1. I can happily do everything but the ginger. I know all about its health benefits, and I should love it being pregnant, but I ate so many ginger chews at the beginning of this pregnancy that I’m over it. Everything else sounds fab!

  2. Your pictures are great and the drink looks tasty! I have never tried a drink like this with a whole orange or lemon or a carrot. I think I am boring, but I am not going to venture out because I have all these ingredients.

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