SUN!!!! I absolutely cannot get enough of the sun on the mountains. Last weekend skiing was honestly horrendous. Imagine rain at the top of the mountain… and a very grumpy me haha. So this weekend when I went up the mountain to get some runs in, I was more than happy to see how sunny and beautiful and wonderful and majestic and amazing it was up there today. (All those adjectives were needed to describe how great it was. Really.)

I think the rest of Vancouver thought the same thing, because it was so busy!! Really though, I didn’t even care. Our city needs to get some sunshine once and a while and I was happy to be able to enjoy it 🙂

It is kind of weird having my new short hair and going skiing. It isn’t long enough to stick outside of my jacket, so it does this annoying thing where it kind of tickles my neck the whole time? Super important stuff, I know guys. Just needed to share that detail about getting a “lob.” If you ski, it is kind of annoying lol.

Anyways, I after a long day of skiing in the sun, we decided to enjoy the sun for just a bit longer by having some nice cold beers out on the patio up top of Whistler. Could not have asked for a better day!

What do you guys like to do to get outside of the gym? For me skiing is definitely at the top of my list!





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  1. WOOOW looks super nice! JELLY! and amazing pictures by the way. I seriously wish we could od emoji’s on BlogSpot. It’s my only for of expressing myself ahha

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