Sometimes I feel like I am a bit aggressive with the titles on my food posts. I want to give you guys an idea of all the awesome things in the recipe and how good it tastes, and always end up having a title that is way longer than is socially acceptable. Whatever, you guys get me. <3

Disclaimer: I totally stole this recipe from my friend Monica. She made this for me once and it was so yummy I couldn’t not share!!

Anywho, this morning I made this delicious little breakfast plate. I love having a bunch of different food items when I eat, so that explains this plate of rather random food. For today we will just focus on those gorgeous Rosemary Sweet Potato Hashbrowns.

For some reason sweet potatoes feel like such a romantic breakfast to me. Like, a sexier version of regular hash browns. Is that weird? Haha! Either way, thats how they seem to me. “Sexy hashbrowns”… for the record I am aware of how odd that sounds

There are also so many benefits to eating sweet potatoes! To start, they are a good source of magnesium, which is the anti-stress and relaxation mineral. Sweet potatoes also contain Vitamin D! Vitamin D is the mineral that increases your energy levels and puts you in a better mood. πŸ™‚ And though there are many more benefits, my favourite has to be that sweet potatoes’ sugar is a slow-releasing natural sugar. The benefits to having a slow-releasing natural sugar are maintaining a balanced blood sugar level and regular source of energy so you don’t have a sugar high and then low. When your blood sugar spikes quickly it often can lead to fatigue and weight gain. So yay for sweet potatoes!

Okay, now for what’s in it:

– Extra virgin olive oil

– A few small nugget potatoes

– One large sweet potato

– 2 sprigs of rosemary

– Salt/pepper to taste

Alight so this is reallll simple. Just chop up all your potatoes (quite small like I did in the photos above.) Next, finely mince your rosemary sprigs, so they are nice and tiny. Rosemary has a pretty intense flavour, so it is important you cut it up really small. Heat up your pan to medium-low heat with a nice amount of olive oil. Once the pan is hot throw in all your cut up ingredients. Cook them on medium-low heat until the potatoes are soft. Once the potatoes are soft, crank the heat up to brown them and add your salt and pepper. Mmmmm toasty brown delicious hashbrowns. Then you are done! And obviously eat them with ketchup because we are cavemen like that. πŸ˜‰

What do you guys think? Will you be adding this to your next homemade brunch?!






  1. Yum, this is such a good idea! I love rosemary and potatoes, and I bet the addition of sweet potatoes elevates it to the next level. I am definitely going to have to make this!

    (Beautiful photos, by the way :))

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