Recently, I have rediscovered my love for jump roping. Seriously don’t judge me… its amazing. For so many reasons lol. 

First, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima jumps rope. I mean, anything that woman is selling I will buy. But really… HAVE YOU SEEN HER? If she’s doing it, I’m doing it. (She also has two kids… just saying.) 

Second, jumping rope is an unreal way to get both your cardio in and tone your muscles at the same time. It works both your upper and lower body, which gives you an awesome full body workout.

Third, it’s a great calorie burner is you don’t have much time or want to get your warm-up in quick.

Andddd lastly, it is SO MUCH FUN. Can you see the sheer joy on my face in the first photo? I was having so much fun I almost (key word: almost) forgot that I was exercising like a boss. It brings you back to the good old elementary school days 

You definitely need to try adding in some jump roping to your workout routine. I started doing sets of 500 as a warm-up to my core routine. It’s the best… give it a go!





19 Replies to “JUMP ROPE WORKOUT”

  1. I remember jump roping as part of our cardio for both swimming and wrestling. Granted as a guy we don’ t necessarily want to look good in anything Lima is selling but can appreciate the need for toning. 🙂 you look like you really do enjoy it too.

  2. Such a simple thing, yet such a good workout! I remember one summer a few years ago (I’m talking at least 5+ years) I spent the whole summer skipping and got toned without even realising – I was just trying to beat my highest record!

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