The other weekend I went wine tasting at Mission Hill Winery in Kelowna, BC. If I could just be a professional wine taster for the rest of my life, I would be down. I mean, how else are you supposed to know what to buy? This was a super fun way to discover a few new favorites to add to the collection.

Half of the fun of going to Mission Hill was walking around the vineyard. It was crazy beautiful, and I definitely want to go back soon. While we explored the grounds, I wore my favourite new heels from Bata (bought in Switzerland.) Wearing leather heels makes them so much more comfortable, because they tend to shape to fit your foot. Nobodyyyy (and I mean nobody) wants plastic cutting into their feet and to be limping around after 5 minutes. That’s just no fun at all. So, leather shoes are definitely the way to go haha.

This was also the perfect opportunity to wear my Zara dress which I bought in Spain for only 40 euros! It was such a good deal, and I am totally in love with anything that is long and flows. Makes me feel like a princess lol! Overall it was a super comfy outfit to wear while exploring the vineyards. 





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  1. These are breathtakingly beautiful photos, such a fantastic post! I can appreciate the Zara steal found in Spain, I’ve just returned from Barcelona and found that the Zara stores there offered prices at 20% less than UK prices (my purse was crying by the time I left)!!
    – Thanks for following on bloglovin’, I’ve gladly returned the favour! –


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