YOU GUYS. Are these pants unreal or what? I had way too much fun wearing these the other day. These pants neeeeeed to be taken dancing. I can see the high-kicks on the dance floor already. Hold on, this is probably why I rarely dance. Ya on second thought I am just going to stick to my safe spot near the bar if I wear these out, the danger of embarrassing dance moves is way too real. 

Anyways, I got these pants at Zara! They have them there right now in Vancouver, so if you live here make sure you pick up a pair while they last. They will be so light and comfortable come summer time, I’m stoked. If you like these pants check out these other Skinny Belle wide-legged pant looks by clicking here and here. My top is from Brandy Melville (in Switzerland) and I got it last summer. 

The jewellery I am wearing is a mix of new/vintage pieces, and to be honest I can’t quite remember where I got it all haha. I tend to just buy rings and bracelets as I see them. My shoes…. welllllllll I just didn’t feel like wearing real shoes this day so Havaianas flip flops it was. Why? Because I fight the system and do what I want. 😛 hehe

What do you guys think of this outfit? Are you into the hippie look like I am? These pants totally reminds me of the 70’s which is a big part of the reason I love them so much. Tell me what you think in the comments below!





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