Alright so I promised you guys I would share what I have been taking to improve my skin! I truly believe beautiful skin happens from the inside out. It is so important to treat your body well, and eat a nutritious diet, and get enough beauty sleep. That being said, it can’t hurt to go the extra mile and give yourself that added boost you need to make sure that your skin is staying strong, healthy, and wrinkle-free.

I love to plan. Planning is basically my first love in life. If you plan for something, you can make it happen. And I like to make things happen haha. SO, I am planning to take care of my skin, and keep it looking as young as possible. It is much easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix one, especially when it comes to something as important as your skin!

So…. May I introduce you to one of my daily supplements, Borage Oil! Borage oil is made from the seeds in the Borage wildflower commonly called the “starflower.” (So it is vegetarian… yay!)


  • Restores natural moisture and smoothness to skin
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin
  • Regulates water loss and protects skin from damage
  • Treats skin disorders (ie eczema) and removes the inflammatory symptoms associated with these disorders!
  • Treats acne and rosacea

Borage oil has one of the highest amounts of the essential fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This is the fatty acid that your body uses to reduce inflammation and protect your skin. Winning! You can order it online by clicking here, or pick it up at pretty much any natural health store. 

As I always say, I love taking this product and I have found that it works really well for me. Please make sure you do your own research before adding any supplements to your diet!

Lots of love 🙂





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