Hi everyone! So I basically had the best weekend of all time. I had my birthday party with friends, and it was honestly one of the most fun nights out I’ve had! Thanks again to everyone who came, you guys made me feel so special and I love you all lots and lots and lots 😀

Andddd this is what I wore! I am so obsessed with this top by Free People right now, it is probably not normal but whatever haha. It is so whimsical and hippie looking, it really is making me look forward to the summer time. In the summer I have a tendency to go full hippie… well not actually full hippie, but you get the point haha. 

My jeans are the pair of Citizen “Rocket” jeans that I basically live in. They fit like a glove and are ohhhh so comfortable.

Today I am going to do some chores, and whip up some recipes to share with you guys! Lots of my fave recipes are coming soon… so stay tuned! 





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