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This morning I was out surfing in Santa Monica, and there was a group of kids who were in what I assume was a surf club. They put me to SHAME. They were so good, and looked soooo cool. 🏄🏻 I was V jealous. I also noticed that amongst the group, there was not a single girl! 😧

Got me thinking about girl power, and how many girls are not raised to be aggressive towards things, like sports, as a boy would be. There was a time in my life when I thought gender discrimination was not a thing, and ohhhh lordy was I ever wrong.

In my experience women are seen through a different lens than men, and have different societal expectations of what is “right” for a woman to be doing. Same goes for men, men are expected to be a certain way and if they are anything but, it is seen as weird or deviant. I have always been a very sporty girl, who has a diverse set of interests. I love fashion and glamming, but at the same time, I LOVE to absolutely crush it at my sports of choice. Crush. It. 💪🏻🎿

I will never forget the first time I realized that the world didn’t see me the way I saw myself. I thought it was totally normal to love doing sports sometimes, and other-times dressing up in my favourite outfits. In my mind (same stands today) there was nothing weird about this. Anyways, I used to be super into downhill mountain biking, like the kind with dual-suspension bikes at Whistler where you throw yourself off cliffs and jumps. It is SO MUCH FUN. 🚵 Now I am older and have had far too many concussions to keep doing that particular sport, but, at the time, it was my jam. 👍🏻 So I walk into a bike store with my dad one day, I’m about 13 years old, and am wearing the DOPEST little pink skirt and white top. I remember my outfit, cuz it was that fly. 😉 The guy who owned the bike shop looks at me, and goes “are you sure you are in the right store?” then proceeds to laugh like a giant piece of shit. 😒 This was the first of many times I experienced gender discrimination.


I also had a past boyfriend tell me that he found my interests very confusing. He told me that he couldn’t understand that I was: motivated in business, liked to glam and dress up, AND liked athletics. That just blew his pea-sized mind.  1) How. 2) I can’t EVEN. *EYEROLLS x 1 MILLION*

Let’s make a world where boys and girls are raised the same. 💕 Daughters would be in the most competitive surf camp there was (killing it, obviously), and signed up for beauty pageants at the same damn time. How about everyone just does what they love, and society stops trying to pigeon hole people into the gender roles we created 6 million years ago. 6 million actual years. 😤

Anyways, back to my point. It made me sad to see that there were no girls in the advanced surf camp this morning. The lack of female representation also made me want to shout from the rooftops how AWESOME it is to be a woman and how we can crush it just as good (if not better) as anyone else. 💪🏻


👑 Elle Woods was, and forever will be, my queen. 👑

So to all my ladies out there, stay NASTY and never let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t be. If I could go back to that moment at age 13 in the bike shop, I would have kindly told the owner that he could go fuck himself. I was exactly where I was supposed to be, wearing exactly what I should have been wearing. 😊 Moral of the story, let’s keep the girl power going, and be the #nastywomen we all are.

Throwing nothing but love into the universe, let’s all go and have a fabulous weekend! 🍸




2 Replies to “GIRL POWER”

  1. Love this! Living in the deep south, I see this type of gender roles stereotyping everyday. I would read men complaining that the women need to be in the kitchen more and that they need to focus less on career and more on marriage. We need this message desperately down here!


    1. Hi Tabitha! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 Rough to hear that that attitude about women is still so prevalent 🙁 Let’s keep working to change it! #girlpower

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