LOL, yup. We’re going there.

Looking for love? Here’s why I think you should give dating apps a try.

Online dating is something noooobody talks about, unless you are a bottle (or two) of wine deep with your besties.🍷 Which is why we’re gonna talk about it today.

Real talk, people.

Online dating has a super gross stigma, like e-harmony early 2000s vibes. *Shudders* 🤢😷 Not the case, in my opinion. Everything we do now is digital. Legit, EVERYTHING. When someone calls me (mom… talking about YOU), I actually get mad. Genuinely, angry. Because that is my time. Send me a text, send me an email, and I will get back to you in my own time. But yes back to my point, our entire lives are digital and that’s not going anywhere. 💻

I am of the belief that if you want something to happen, you need to MAKE it happen. I’m not one to sit around and wait for something to magically happen, in any aspect of my life. And yes, even with love. 💕 If you are under the impression that you will bump into your next boyfriend as you are entering your apartment building, spill your groceries everywhere **oh my how EMBARRASSING** and as you giggle he helps you clean them up in a very Audrey Hepburn b-fast at Tiffanys kind of way… I hate to break it to you… but it’s probably not happening.

My *dream* way to meet my future husband? 💭 On a ski lift. 🎿 So romantical, so magical. ✨ But, in reality, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. I have sat next to the HOTTEST guys on a ski lift (when I was single,) I am skiing alone, they are skiing alone, and NEITHER OF US SAYS A DAMN WORD. 😒 True story.

So, ladies and gents, if you are looking for love, what is wrong with putting the cards back in our hands and trying our best to actively make something happen?

Truth be told, I actually used to be SUPER opposed to tinder/bumble/etc. I thought I was wayyyyy too cool for apps like that. 😎 They were SO below me. *Major eyeroll.*

It’s 2017. We sit behind our screens all day every day, netflixing, texting, scrolling instagram, snapchat, whatever.📱 Look our lifestyle as an opportunity to meet someone you would never have otherwise serendipitously bumped into.

Typical reasons people shy away from dating apps:

“There’s no good people on Tinder…”

Did you ever consider there are likely many people just like YOU on Tinder? Who genuinely want to meet someone?💑 Amongst the mess of a “hookup culture” we have built, there are actually some good ones out there. That being said, it’s basically guaranteed you will match with a TON of people who are not genuinely interested in a relationship, who you will probably hate, but… how is that any different than stumbling into someone at a bar?

“I don’t have time”

LOL. Okay…. Just no. That is a straight up lie. 😂 You can now DATE FROM YOUR PHONE. How freaking amazing is that? Like, sign me up. I can look for my future husband while sitting on the bus to work? HELL YEAH! Honestly… You have time. Maybe just scroll instagram for 10 minutes less a day and try and meet someone new. 😊

I feel like this whole dating revolution is a pretty cool opportunity. We can literally sit at home on a Friday night, eat ice cream, drink wine, be naked in bed, and go on Tinder to meet your potential future husband. 💯 No more getting glammed up after a long work week to go to a gross club, and have sweaty dudes slur at you. 😒 Also, did I mention you can be eating in bed naked and using a dating app? HOW IS THAT NOT THE BEST THING EVER?! 😂 Being the introvert I am, this is V appealing to me.



Final thoughts on Tinder: a cool way to meet new people, and likely make some great friends in the process. There is a ton of negative stigma around dating apps (definitely not without warrant), but, if you take the right mindset it just might work out for you. 💘 Personally, I like to take things into my own hands and not sit waiting hopefully for Mr. Right to stumble along.

That being said, this is just my own personal opinion. Make sure you always do what feels right for you! 🙏🏻

Thoughts?! Funny stories? Comment below!




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