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There is nothing like a classic little mini skirt! Especially this ribbed white one I got at Forever 21 the other day. Speaking of Forever 21… would you check out these DEALS?! You all know I love a good sale here and there, so I had to share this with you. Each week different items are 21% off in their online store! Not bad if you ask me. This is a great way to add to your wardrobe for summer, without breaking the bank.

My shirt I got a while ago from a brand called Fever. I love the “power business women” look it has, so I usually wear this with a long pencil skirt if I have an important meeting to go to. Totally into the little pearls on the sleeves, super cute. I matched them with some big Birks pearls I had at home. 

Will you guys be checking out the Forever 21 sale?! I know I will…. it is a killer deal! And me gusta sales. (A little Spanish for my belated Cinco de Mayo celebration haha)





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