Mmmmm so creamy, delicious, and satisfying. I am really not a fan of cows milk, it tends to give me a stomach ache and frankly the whole concept just grosses me out. Almond milk is my favourite substitute for regular milk, and in my humble opinion it tastes wayyyyy better. It is also much healthier for you, so win-win! I have happily made the full transition from drinking cows milk to either almond milk or coconut milk. My body feels better, and so does my heart knowing that no poor cow had some awful nipple clamp thingy on it for hours. 🙁

On a happier note…. No almonds were harmed in the making of this drink!! Haha. This icy drink here is one I love to make in the evening before bed. It totally satisfies me and makes me want to cozy up and read a book (or watch a tv show if I am being totally honest… Kardashians anyone?!) What I do is a fill a mason jar (or just any jar with a tight lid that isn’t so hipster) with ice and unsweetened almond milk. Then, I add some cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little bit of allspice. Put the lid on the jar and shake it about! The flavours from the spices mix perfectly with the nutty almond milk, and make an oh-so-yummy evening treat. 

If it is your first time buying almond milk, I would recommend buying Almond Fresh. It is my favourite brand by far! Their unsweetened flavour has just 35 calories per cup. WINNING. <– That makes me so happy haha! A guilt free treat can be the best kind of treat sometimes. After all, I am all about treating yo-self. 😉

Enjoy this little trick of mine!! It is just the best on those nice spring evenings.







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