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A simple way to get a beautiful dewy makeup look!

Meet my latest makeup obsession, MAC Prep + Prime Fix+. This stuff is the BEST. It will give you a beautiful dewy finish on your already fab makeup look. Plus, it helps hold your makeup in place and not get all creasy and crusty throughout the day. (Nasty.)

Ever feel like you finish powdering, bronzing, and countering and your face just looks SO dry? Well MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix+ will take that dry powdery look down a notch and make your skin look glowy, youthful, and dewy. Like I said, totally obsessed.

How do you use it?

Step 1: After you wash and moisturize your face, hold the spray a foot or so away from your face and give it a few light spritzes.

Step 2: Do your makeup like the bad bitch you are.

Step 3: After you finish your makeup, holding the Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ a foot away from your face, give it another two sprays and wait for it to dry.

And voila! Beautiful dewy skin.

This has honestly changed the makeup game for me. My skin is fairly dry so I frequently use this mid-day to add some extra moisture to my face and refresh it. Having a clean dewy face is the perfect look for summer, and is much more natural in my opinion. 😁

What do you guys think? Have you tried this yet? Comment below!






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