Let’s make a Rosemary Spritz together! Because, Tuesday 😉


My new series has finally arrived! 🎉



Ok, getting it together now. 😝

So, what is “Skinny Belle Cocktails“?

**(Or “Boozy Belle”… lol haven’t decided on an official name yet.)

“Skinny Belle Cocktails” / “Boozy Belle” is a weekly YouTube series where we all can get together and make a cocktail to help cure the winter blues! And, Tuesdays just generally suck so why not have a festive beverage to spice things up a bit. 😉

I’m so excited to do this with you guys because I have been experimenting and making some pretty fab cocktails (if I do say so myself) for a while now, and it will be fun to share them!

Plus, it’s not nearly as hard to make fancy drinks as you may think. 😜

I’ll just be doing this for the winter months, to help cure them winter blues. 💙

The first cocktail we’re going to make is called a Rosemary Spritz! And yes, it is just as festive as it sounds. 😄

Ingredients for Rosemary Spritz (per champagne flute)

– 1 oz fresh squeezed OJ

– 2 dashes orange bitters

– 1 peel of an orange, squish it before you put it in the glass

– 1 rosemary sprig

– Prosecco or champagne!


If you are strapped for time and want to skip ahead in the video, here are the timestamps:

1:23 – Rosemary Spritz preview!

1:37 – Ingredients for cocktail

2:20 – Building our drink!


CHEERS EVERYBODY! 🍸 See ya next Tuesday 😉




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