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These pants are basically socially acceptable sweatpants. Hell. Yes.

Ok so they are not actually made of sweat-pant material, but they pretty much feel like the same thing. You guys know me… the more comfortable I am in something the happier I am. AKA the closer I can get to wearing sweatpants without being a social outcast on a day-to-day basis, the better. 😉

So anywho, these amaze pants are from Aritzia. I highly suggest you go and get a pair for all your fall/winter adventures. They are so comfortable it is ridiculous, and I like to think that they are really cute too. My top was purchased at that savage Zara sale I mentioned a few weeks ago. Remember the one where it was basically like a live version of the hunger games on Robson street? Yea… I have no shame. Give this girl a good sale and I will be all over that shit. Haha! So unfortunately this top is no longer available, but there are tons of similar ones like it on the market right now.

My shoes, ohhhhh my shoes. I don’t know if you have noticed but I have been wearing these beauties all the time lately. They are SO comfortable (even for heels) and match with everything. Picked them up at Brown’s shoes in Vancouver a few weeks ago.

Happy hump-day guys! Hope you enjoy this outfit 🙂






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