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My thoughts on the scale, and why you should ditch it!

Okay guys, so I really debated writing this one because topics like this tend to be sensitive on the interwebs, if you know what I mean. But I have so many friends who obsess over that stupid little number that the scale, and I really wanted to share a healthier alternative to monitoring your weight. 

In my opinion, scales are the devil. Like, just the worst. They show every single fluctuation in your weight. Eat an apple, gain a pound. There will be no actual relevant changes in your day-to-day weight, and obsessively weighing yourself everyday is just unhealthy. One little number should not define how you feel, and definitely does not define how healthy you are.


Let’s start with reasons why weighing yourself sucks:


Every single thing you do will make your scale fluctuate. What time of day you weigh yourself, how much water your drank, if you exercised, how much clothing you are wearing, which way the wind is blowing… etc. You get my point. It is not an accurate daily representation of how healthy you are.

Weight does not reflect health

How much you weigh does not indicate how healthy you are. And we want our bodies to be lean, mean, fighting machines. The best way to check how healthy we are is to make sure we are following that Skinny Belle Lifestyle of balance, and eating 80% wholesome healthy food

You feel like crap

Yep. When has anyone ever stepped on a scale and said OMG YAY I FEEL GREAT! Nobody. Ever. (Or, they are a liar.) Even if you have reached your “goal weight” you will still feel like it “could be better.” It is so important to feel happy with yourself, and frankly scales are just depressing.


Okay so, if I don’t weigh myself, how do I know what I weigh? I don’t. But I monitor my health and wellbeing based on my fitness level, how my clothes fit, and the food I have been eating. It is a far better way to track your health without getting all stressed out over a stupid little number. After all, health has so much more to it than physical weight. 

This advice is given in the spirit of helping you live your happiest and healthiest life possible. As always, this is just what I have found to work for me! Please see your doctor if you before changing anything about your health or fitness routine to find out what is best for you.

Lots of love <3





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  1. I actually completely agree with you. There are days when I obsess over a number on a scale, and I find that those are the days where I’m not listening to my body. When I listen to my body, I stop eating when I’m full, and I eat when I’m hungry but always in moderation. I maintain my perfect body much more easily by embracing my body and embracing a state of feeling healthy, rather than agonizing over the number on the scale.


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