Today’s post is dedicated to something so simple yet so vital. Not only is it good for our overall health but for our survival too. Water. If you and water are not already besties, become friends right now.

What motivated me to talk about something as simple and “boring” (it’s not actually boring its really freaking awesome if you ask me, which is why I cleverly put the word in quotations 😉 ) as water was the sheer amount of absolute crap drinks that are sold. There are tons of energy drinks, “fruit juices” that contain a whopping 10% of actual fruit juice in them, sport drinks that promise to enhance your performance, and beverages that are supposed to curb hunger. I could go on forever but I will spare you the pain. These drinks really are completely unnecessary. They are filled with chemicals that you nor I can actually pronounce, and are literally packed with refined sugars. Basically what I am trying to say is you don’t need to buy these things. They are a waste of money and calories. 

Which brings me to my main point…. here are my TOP 5 FAVE REASONS TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!! (these are my favourite reasons, obvi there are far too many to actually list.)

1) Water makes your skin look FAB by preventing excess moisture loss! Also dehydration makes you look like a prune, and nobody wants to look like a prune.

2) Helps energize your muscles! That is right my friends, you don’t need a sugar-and-chemical-filled energy drink to help get you moving. Water will do it for you! It is especially important to drink water while you are getting your fitness on.

3) Water will boost your productivity! Yasssss. Love this. I find just having a nice cool glass of water while I am working keeps me alert, focused, and productive.

4) Calorie control. Having a big glass of water before a meal will make you feel less hungry when you start eating, and help avoid overeating when you are super hungry and have low blood sugar levels.

5) Digestion! Drinking water is a great way to make sure your insides stay healthy, if you catch my drift. 

As you can see water does really awesome stuff for your body, but it isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing to drink. What I like to do to spice up my water is drink it with copious amounts of lemon, frozen cranberries, and cinnamon! Soooooooooooo good. Learn about my classic hot lemon, ginger, and water cold-cure by clicking here

So yes! Make your water exciting so you can be sure to drink as much as possible throughout the day. I always have a massive mason jar on me wherever I go that is filled with water, lemon, and cinnamon. Just having it on you will encourage you to drink it 🙂 (<— seriously such a good trick.)

Hope you guys found this post helpful! Start downing that water like it’s first year university and you just discovered there was a free keg in your dorm. (Or…. like you really like water….. ehem.) Okay that is really enough out of me for one day. KBYE <3







  1. I love this post! I have just started drinking more water and fruit green tea & iv never felt so energized and awake!

    It also helps getting you to move as it does get you moving to the toilet every 5 mins to pee ha!!

    Love A x

    1. That is great Aimee! It really does make a difference in how energized you feel. And yes hahah! You are right about the second part too 😉

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