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Top: Zara France / Skirt: One x Oneteaspoon

Hey babes! How’s your weekend going? I have been in full fitness mode this whole weekend. Really trying to get back into it for summer, as bikini season is fast approaching. Well… it is kind of already here so I am a bit late to the party but what else is new lol. 😂 The other week I shared my top BIKINI BODY TIPS here on Skinny Belle, so if you are also needing a bit of a “body boost” for summer it is a good one to check out. Will be sharing more of my slim-down tips soon. 🙂

Love love LOVE this top I got when I was in Paris earlier this year. I swear that Europeans get a higher quality of clothing at pretty much every store. When I was shopping there, I bought tons of stuff at Zara that I would have never found in Canada. The difference in quality was nuts. Everything is made in Morocco or Italy in the Zara France store, and in Canada that is definitely not the case. I linked the Zara France store for you so you can order online if you like. 😊





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