Tea time, pumpkin spice to be specific.

Hi world. 👋🏻

Here we are. 2 am, and I am wide awake. 😒

Thought I would take to my internet diary (aka Skinny Belle) and do a little journaling since I am clearly not falling back asleep anytime soon.


Usually I am a good sleeper, but tonight I guess not lol!

2 am is a funny time. You will wake up feeling a certain way and thinking certain things that you can’t really control. At least, I feel like I can’t. 😜

How am I feeling?

My hips friggin hurt, and I am slightly hungover. Just slightly. LOL.😉 It is Friday, after all. 🍸

But for real, my hip pain, is probably the most annoying thing in the entire world. THE ENTIRE WORLD. It’s this deep aching which feels like it’s in my bones, but is totally just my muscles being all tight and messed up. 😣 I am obsessed with staying healthy and forever young, and really dislike waking up with my body aching in the middle of the night. Probably need to go back to my physio again at some point. Anywho, if you see me rolling my hips on instagram, which I occasionally share on my stories like the instagram whore I am, that is why. 👵🏻 #SeniorMoments

I legit cannot wait until I can be a full on cyborg. I’m talking being part robot. Genuinely, I think that would be absolutely amazing. THINK ABOUT IT. Just replace them hips with mechanical ones! Would be so awesome. And I basically would be Superwoman. That’s pretty cool too.

Anyone watch Archer? Just like Barry in Archer except not evil. LOL. **If you’re not watching Archer, you NEED TO. I crushed through all 7 seasons or whatever in a sickly short period of time. NO REGRETS. 🙅🏼

The computers will probably take over one day, soooo I’d like to be on the record that I am pro robot/cyborg… in case any of the futuristic robos are reading this now.

Just sayin’.

Moving right along…

What did I wake up thinking about tonight?

This is going to sound completely ridiculous… but skiing.🎿 I am getting major FOMO that all my friends in Vancouver will be heading up to Whistler soon for the first snowfall. It is actually making me kind of homesick, as lame as that is to admit. Literally, feel like a toddler even saying those words. 😂

I guess that’s what happens at 2 am lol. The deep shit comes out.

Anyways I should probably get back to bed meow. Have a big weekend ahead.

Tomorrow I organized a brunch with some of my Alpha Delta Pi sisters living in the area. Was so cool, I joined the Facebook group for ADPi Alumni in LA and posted basically saying… “heyyyyy so I’m new here and have no friends, who wants to be friends?” and a bunch of super cute girls replied, and I am SO EXCITED to meet everyone at brunch tomorrow! 🍳 Sororities are the freakin’ best. I have an entire post planned on this but ima save it so it’s a bit more timely, like around the time girls are going to college. Not in the middle of the semester lol.

Also this weekend my boyfriend and I are going to do something super touristy together. We decided we wanted to go see all the big “sights” in Los Angeles because neither of us have seen most of them. LOL. Go figure. So the touristing shall begin. He had a great suggestion as to what we should see earlier today… but I honestly cannot remember. hahahha.😂 My bad. 😉 Guess I shall find out tomorrow.

Final note before I am back to bed and the weekend kicks off tomorrow: if you are reading this, I love and appreciate you. I feel like the people who read Skinny Belle, just get me. In a weird but awesome way. ❤️

That’s it for tonight’s late-night diary entry. Before I get super weird on you (it is basically guaranteed to happen) I am going to sign off.

Pce n’ blessings, and in the words of Ellen Degeneres, be kind to one another.




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