Episode 3 of Skinny Belle – The Podcast is LIVE!

Yessss!!! I loveeee talking about relationships. It is so much FUN.

If you are looking for💋🌹❤️L-O-V-E❤️🌹💋, this podcast is the one for you.

I talk how to get that very first date, and what to do once you actually get it! 😅 There are some hard truths in this episode, and, some seriously fire tips for those of you getting into the dating scene.

Also, I tell the story of how I met my boyfriend, and what we did on our first date (it was 3 days long, and ohhhh so magical!) ✨




What else is covered on this episode of Skinny Belle – The Podcast?

  1. What a terrible “ghoster” I am… (it’s the worst😒)
  2. How to WIN TINDER, in detail 😉
  3. How to decide what’s important to you in a potential partner 💕
  4. Dos-and-donts of a first date (hint… probably don’t share your deepest darkest secret 😂)
  5. What to do if someone is totally giving you the creeps on a dating app 🙅🏼

This episode is 🔥🔥🔥, if I do say so myself. 😉

I divulge all my wisdom on the early stages of dating. Including, how you can navigate this crazy a$$ digital dating world and hopefully in the process find someone great to share your life with!

*Aweeeee, how mushy. 😷 Hahah, but for real.

Plus, our world is in serious need of more good old-fashioned sweet-lovin’ right now. They way things are going, we all need to be a bit more lovey dovey. Honestly believe that might help ignite a cleanup to the big mess we’ve made.

ANYWAYS, figured this podcast was quite timely.

Sooooo without further adieu, clickey clickey here to listen to “How to Get Yo-Self a Man!

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