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A few random snaps from NYC, and my holiday plans!

Hooooooly crap. Its almost Christmas. What happened to summer. I swear it was just June…. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE YEAR?!

Good lord.

Okay so I know the blogosphere has been going crazy with “Christmas gift ideas for him/her/your dog/the pope” for the last month or so, and if it’s not already obvious I am 100% unprepared for the holidays. Like, in every single way. Wish I could say this was the first year but that would be a total lie… haha. Oops 💁

For presents, I have known what I am going to buy for at least two months now. I honestly just have been putting it off and procrastinating for SO long now. Just the worst, eh? That’s okay… I am going to go to the mall tonight and power it out.

**Side note** The biggest benefit of being single during the holidays is being able to spoil the crap out of yourself. 😂 I loveeeee to spoil people, but this year it’s just me so… HELLO PRESENTS! Let’s just say I am going to be treating myself very well this holiday season. #dontneednoman

Annnnnnnnd I am leaving for a two week vacation to the Philippines in 3 days!! SO EXCITED. 

Have I packed? Hell no.

Sooooo probably should start that soon because I am leaving right from Christmas dinner with the fam jam to go to the airport. And I will fill you guys in soon on my beauty packing essentials, because I am (if I do say so myself) a master last-minute packer. Give me 1 hr and I am good to go.

It has been so many years since I have had a proper vacation… the kind where you park your ass on the beach and don’t move until your festive drink needs refilling. Yes, that kind of vacation is exactly what I need right now. Legit cannot wait.

I also have an exciting announcement about a collaboration I will be doing for Skinny Belle on my trip! I’ll fill you in on all the dirty deets when I am bored in the airport/on my ridiculously long flight.

Okay… off to the mall I go. Wish me luck, it’s like the hunger games at this time of year. Also, good luck to all my fellow last minute shoppers. May the force be with you.





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