I know a lot of you are graduating right now (congrats!!) so I wanted to share one of my favourite life mantras with you (that is very relevant to graduation.) Never stop learning. Today’s post is all about learning. After all, knowledge is power. 😉 Your education should never “start” or “stop” at any point in your life. A formal education is an extremely valuable thing. Knowledge really does give you power because no matter what happens in this crazy crazy world, nobody can take the things you know away from you! 

Which is why (even after graduation) you should make sure you are always seeking out opportunities to learn, grow, and discover. This can be applied to literally every aspect of your life. Thirst for knowledge is a conscious way of thinking. You always need to be looking at things like, “how can I learn something from you?” You guys feel me?

Okay so there are many ways in which I apply this perspective to my own life. And nowww.. (drum rollllll) here are 6 ways I always make sure I continue to learn (even after my graduation.)



I am a total bookworm and I freaking love it. You get to borrow someone else’s mind and explore what they think is cool. Then, you can sound really smart when you recount the things you learned to your friends. (Win-win.)


Just making the most out of situations and seeing how I can learn something from a great, good, or crappy circumstance can make all the difference in the world. The way you look at a situation can totally change what you get out of it (or don’t get out of it.)


Setting goals – and I mean with things I already do. For example, skiing! If I never set goals or just dribbled along as I always had, I honestly would probably suck right now. But if you set out to achieve a goal you will learn how much you are really capable of. Read more on staying motivated by clicking here and here


Lately I have been all about trying new things! Just say yes. Like if someone asks you to go on a hike or take a course that frankly scares you shitless, JUST DO IT. (Nike’s genius slogan says it all. Except for the “if it scares you shitless part.” That was my genius creation 😛 ) You will learn something new and feel great about yourself in the process. And if you suck at whatever you are trying… than so what!! You tried it and probably had a great time in the process. 🙂


If you mess something up, there is always an opportunity to learn. Mistakes are not mistakes, they are opportunities to better yourself as a person and assess how you can improve the next time.


You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn to walk by doing, and by falling over.”

 – Richard Branson



This is something I am working on every day. If someone did something you think is awesome, or has a great point of view… ask them about it! Find that person who is in a spot you want to be in, and ask them about it. People have all sorts of great insights and sometimes all you have to do is ask to find out what that is.


As you are graduating I encourage you to seek out learning opportunities in your everyday life. This might be hard as you are starting (or not starting) an entry level job or even beginning the job of your dreams (go you!!) but make sure you take every situation and look at it as an opportunity to learn something new and better yourself.

And hell ya this is a scary scary time. I graduated recently too and I was a massive ball of stress. Stressy stress stress. All me, all the time. What I found to help was to stick with my mantra of to never stop learning. Every day I absolutely love what I do, and I am so happy that I get to share all the things I am learning here with you all! And hang out and have chats, because we are homies. 😀

Okay so tell me!! What are you going to do to make sure you are always learning? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts! God knows I have blabbered on enough for one day. Now it’s your turn <3






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