2:35 | May 27, 2020



Picking travel vlogging gear can be very overwhelming. Believe me, I’ve done countless hours of research on cameras, stabilizers, tripods, memory cards, selfie sticks… you name it. There is so much on the market and every brand is claiming to have the next best vlogging camera.

Over the last 3 years of YouTube I am proud to say I have a very lean kit. My preference is to have the least amount of equipment possible, and maximize the output from said equipment. As a solo-female travel vlogger, I find this to be the best way to make sure I capture my adventures authentically, and not get bogged down with excess technology.


If you are just starting out as a travel vlogger and need to know what gear to get, here is the exact equipment I started with and made over 200 videos with:

The Canon G7X is hands down my favourite vlogging camera. It is a great camera to start your travel vlogging journey, because it is easy to use right out the box but also can do way more than its size lets on. Once you get comfortable with the basic features of the Canon G7X, I highly recommend looking at how you can utilize the 60 FPS + many other settings to push this seemingly simple point-and-shoot to its full potential. This was my main vlogging camera for over two years and I would always get questions about what I shot my b-roll on… to everyone’s surprise… the Canon G7X!


Today, I still actively use everything in the ‘Beginner Vlogging Gear’ kit featured above. But I’ve also recently decided to upgrade my setup by investing in a heavier camera and stabilizer to create more cinematic travel vlogs. So here is the additional equipment I am using to make the vlogs you see today:

The Sony A6400 is a thing of beauty. I made the decision to add this camera to my kit because I wanted to improve the quality of my vlogs and better showcase travels. The Sony 10-18mm lens is almost the same price as the body of the camera, but it’s SO worth it. The 10-18mm is a beautiful wide angle lens that can also zoom in and do some pretty epic macro shots. For a travel vlogger, having a wide-angle lens is a must. It allows you to give more context to your videos without any extra effort – your audience will get a better view of your surroundings and be able to see what’s going on in the background of your footage.

These are my top recommendations for travel vlogging gear, and I hope this helps you navigate the wild world of camera equipment!

Happy vlogging friends 🙂

PS: if you need some tips on how to edit travel vlogs, make sure you check out this video!

2:59 | May 26, 2020



Thinking about starting your own travel vlog? Have a bunch of unedited footage saved up from previous trips? Well.. This is my detailed guide on how to edit travel videos for beginners!

I go through my entire process from start to finish, and share all my best tips & tricks on how you can create your own travel vlog. It’s been 3 years since I started YouTube, and I really do wish I’d had this particular video when I started out. Honestly feel like it would have made things a lot easier for me, and made that steep learning curve slightly… less steep. lol.

One major thing I review in this tutorial is music. When I first started doing YouTube I would just pick songs I liked and put them in my videos. I’d throw in some Queen, ABBA… pretty much anything I wanted. This is a big ‘no-no’ in the world of vlogging. YouTube will penalize you for using copyrighted music, and it honestly just makes things way more challenging than they need to be. So if you are looking for the absolute best resource for copyright free music, Artlist is my favourite platform.

The reason I love using Artlist so much is the music is not only copyright free.. is is downright AWESOME. There is nothing worse/less inspiring than elevator music in vlogs. The music available on Artlist is incredible, and sounds like something you would hear in a Hollywood movie. So make sure you check out Artlist and use this link to get 2 months free!

Travel vlogging has been such an incredible journey for me. Travel has always been something that has brought me joy and enriched my life. I have been traveling the world since I was two years old (I believe my first international trip was to Germany!) But the ability to share my experiences, tips, and travel advice with you through my vlogs makes me happier and brings more fulfillment than I ever thought possible. There are a few layers to this feeling. Firstly, my adventures are preserved in a way that I can forever look back upon. Most trips I went on pre-YouTube… I’ve honestly forgotten so many of the beautiful details. And the beauty really is in the details. Now I have a library of experiences, places, people, and events that I can share with my family and friends. The other side of it has much more to do with YOU. My audience. It brings me so much happiness to connect with people all around the world through our shared love of travel. It is truly something special.

Basically what I am trying to say is… If you have ever considered filming a trip or making a vlog… I highly recommend learning to edit. Whether the video is just to share with your family, or, with the world wide web.. it’s a skill I’ve enjoyed cultivating and has brought immense value to my life.

If it’s your first time picking up a camera, I also recommend watching my other tutorial on how to film solo travel vlogs. This is a great resource for learning how to get the right footage to help make your editing process as seamless as possible.


5:22 | May 21, 2020



Today’s British Columbia travel vlog shares horseback riding in the Cariboo! I visited Spruce Hills Ranch and went riding for the first time in… I want to say over 10 years? Maybe more? Who knows, but the important thing is it was a day for the books.

There is something so magical about riding horses through the nature. Can’t even describe it, but it was exhilarating. If you ever have the chance to go horseback riding in these weird times, really recommend you do so. Especially in beautiful British Columbia!

If you want to see more of my solo Canadian travels, make sure to check out my first Cariboo travel vlog as well as my second! Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has squashed my SE Asia plans for this year, I have really been enjoying filming here at home in British Columbia. It wasn’t what I though I would be doing this year, but I am very happy to be here and exploring/sharing my home country. Hope you are enjoying the videos as much as I am!

Sending you love and light, stay safe my friends.

2:56 | May 13, 2020



Welcome back to beautiful British Columbia! Today’s Canadian travel vlog features a cabin in the Cariboo which is a region in interior British Columbia. This place is heaven on earth, for real. There’s nothing that makes me happier than being in the nature. And baby.. this is IT!

If you have never traveled to Canada, I highly recommend. That being said I am very biased, as this is my home country, but it is one of the most BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Again.. I’m biased but check out today’s Canadian travel vlog to see the validity of my statement lol.

Today’s vlog is also the very first time I’ve made a video with my NEW CAMERA! I’m now shooting on the Sony A6400, and this was very much a test video. Still don’t 100% know how to use it but I am trying my best haha. What do you think of the new equipment? Do you like this or the old camera better??

11:59 | May 8, 2020



Well, this is it. I am officially BACK TO UPDATING THIS VLOG. It has been…. almost a year? I’m ashamed. There are no words. Other than I’M BACK BABY!!

To celebrate my first blog post back, I wanted to share a video I am more proud of than anything I have uploaded lately. This Canada travel vlog makes me so patriotic it’s ridiculous. I haven’t filmed anything in my home country of Canada in forever so it feels great to be back rocking up North.

COVID-19 has totally evaporated my international travel plans for the year, so you are going to be seeing a lot of North America vlogs for now! Hope you are excited, I know I am. 🙂

1:25 | May 1, 2020



I’ve spent the last 3 years working from home, and learned a thing or two about extended periods of time solo without a coworker in sight. Since it has been a few weeks of us all social distancing and working from home now, I wanted to share my #1 tip to having a productive and cozy day at home. 

When I first left my corporate job to start my own business, I’d roll out of bed in my pjs and stay that way pretty much the entire day. If I didn’t have to get dressed.. .ya girl was NOT planning on it. I like to think I was rebelling after years of having to “get ready” for the corporate world. This only lasted a few months though. Because I’m telling you, staying in your pyjamas all day long does not work. It does not set you up for a great day. Trust me on this one. 

A major pro-tip I have to set yourself up for success AND stay cozy, because you have the blessing of working from home… Actually get dressed. But not “corporate” dressed. Cute & comfy dressed. After all, you do need to enjoy the fact that you are working from home. 

I find even putting on cute undergarments, can make a massive difference in how I’m feeling that day. It’s doing something special for yourself, and consciously getting ready both physically and mentally for the day ahead. And yes, something as simple as undergarments can make a big difference. 

So today, we’re going to talk my favourite bralettes for a day of working from home. 

When I am staying home I love to wear soft, wireless, bralettes. This way I still feel like I have gotten ready, without the pain and suffering that is an underwire bra. I’ve been living in my SKIMS bralette for the last few weeks. I’m telling you it’s a total game changer. It is so soft, chic, and comfortable. You’re never going to want to take it off! I usually never go to sleep in a bra but the other day I fell asleep while wearing my SKIMS bralette and didn’t realize until the morning lol.

A few other bralette brands I’ve also been wearing are Aritzia (long time fan of their undergarments), Urban Outfitters, and Free People

If you want to have a productive and cozy day at home, getting dressed is the first step. Believe me, I tried it the other way around and it does NOT work out so well! So take the first step, put on some cute undergarments, a comfortable outfit, wash your face, and see what a world of difference it makes. 

Do you have any bralette brands you love? Comment below and let me know what they are!

12:53 | September 23, 2019



This is my favourite Bali recommendation video yet! There is a ridiculous amount of beautiful places to see just outside Bali. Like literally, JUST outside it. So today’s vlog honours all the places I loved that were near Bali.

Komodo Islands (Komodo Dragons, Rinca Island, Flying Foxes) https://youtu.be/C6ysse0cApM

Komodo Islands (Padar Islands, Pink Beach, Turtles) https://youtu.be/7uEOdIlYrIQ

Lombok (TangJung Aan Beach) https://youtu.be/diRNwT57UmQ

Lombok (Mawi Beach, Tampah Beach) https://youtu.be/-aNB2lzwZZU

Gilli Nanggu https://youtu.be/dfVFVPRwn8Y

Nusa Penida East Coast https://youtu.be/dLc7oHQpBJU

Nusa Penida West Coast https://youtu.be/oh04atHkDdk

Nusa Lembongan/Ceningan https://youtu.be/abpIpggrMPg

If you are planning any sort of longer-term trip to Bali, I absolutely recommend you check out these places as well. Indonesia is a beautiful country and there is SO much to see!

Hope you enjoyed this Bali vlog.

Talk soon!


12:39 | September 23, 2019



It has been FOREVER since I last went camping, and I broke my camper dry spell in the best way possible.

My friend Tracy and I drove from Los Angeles to Colorado to go on an epic camping adventure. The first night we slept in Grand Junction. And by “slept in Grand Junction” I mean slept in our car on some BLM land. BLM land is basically land where you can legally camp for free. Watch the vlog above to find out more about how that all went down.

For the next part of our camping adventure, Tracy and I camped in a free camping area near Bryce Canyon National Park. This was one of the most gorgeous places I’d ever seen and really wish we had more time to spend there!

How are those rocks real?! Bryce Canyon was totally wild.

More big rocks.

Big rocks with some flowers lol. Thank you Tracy for sending me these photos!

Hope you enjoyed today’s vlogs!


12:26 | September 23, 2019



The official 2019 Bali dayclub guide! This year I traveled for 2.5 months in Bali, and thought it was about time I share my top dayclub experiences on the island of Bali!

The video above goes into more detail but on the ‘why’, but here are the “do-not-miss” clubs in Bali:

Omnia Dayclub Bali: https://youtu.be/GlnJohavqWM

OneEighty @ The Edge: https://youtu.be/yJbHy2Su11s

Sundays Beach Club: https://youtu.be/QOkGWN5Hfn8

Karma Beach Club: https://youtu.be/CnzsolikFyE

The Lawn Canggu: https://youtu.be/GGcXod6XoYM

Hope you enjoyed this video, and make sure to let me know if you ever visit any of these spots!


3:49 | September 7, 2019



Top 5 beaches in Bali!!! After spending 2.5 months solo-traveling through Bali, it is about time I share my top experiences. Starting with the most important, BEACHES.

Bali isn’t exactly famous for white sand beaches like Thailand or the Philippines is. But that doesn’t mean it lacks INCREDIBLE beaches of its own.

Today’s Bali travel vlog shares why I think Nunggalan Beach, Sundays Beach Club, Green Bowl Beach, Gunung Payung Beach, and Padang Padang Beach are the best beaches to visit in Bali.

Really hope you enjoy this video, I have more “best of Bali” vlogs coming soon!