A  very real record of what it’s like to fly in coach

Do you also love to hate flying coach? WELL THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOU!!!

Travel is something that we are so fortunate to be able to do. Sometimes, the process of getting from A to B is not always ideal, or even semi-ideal haha. And by sometimes, I mean always.

The only times I have enjoyed flights to their fullest is 1) when I get an entire economy row to myself and can lay down and sleep 2) free upgrades to first class 3) that time I used my dads points to book myself a BALLIN FIRST CLASS TICKET FROM EUROPE. (It was awesome. Sorry dad lol)

So yeah. Today’s vlog is about flying coach, and the end of my 3 months in Costa Rica!

Currently back in Vancouver and figuring out my life. Have another exciting trip coming in a few weeks. More on that later.




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