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A cute little brunch spot in San Francisco.

Last weekend I literally spent the entire time just eating eating and more eating haha. Crap. But really, what else is new haha. We found the cutest little brunch spot called the The Plant Cafe Organic that sits you right on the water in San Fran. So pretty.

I had the freakin’ best Huevos Rancheros. Like, so good. I die. 

Anyways, here is a little life update for ya’ll. I am actually in Austin right now checking out the city. This is my first time here and so far I am loving it. The people are so damn friendly, and everyone wants to make sure you are happy. Also totally into the cute little Texan accents everyone has. 😂 I love being called ma’m hahah nobody calls you that in Vancouver. 

Off to explore more of this city, will share some pics with you guys soon 😘





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