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Shoes: / Pants: Aritzia / Top: Aritzia

Happy first day of spring everyone!

Here are some snaps of a cute lil’ outfit I wore out in Austin this weekend. It was hot as hell there and I was definitely glad to be wearing these loose linen pants. Noooobody wants to be stuffed into tight-ass clothes when you are in a place with high heat/humidity. It’s just a bad look all around. 

K also, can we TALK about my shoes?? hooked me up with these Jessica Simpson shoes, and I am alllll about them. I have been looking for some lace-up nude heels for a while because they go well with everything, and I am lazy so win-win. I’ve bought shoes from the Jessica Simpson a few times before, and I actually really love them. They are good quality and also super comfortable. Boom! Check out some other looks from her brand by clicking here

Hope you guys had a great weekend! 





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