Yup, so this is happening!!!

The last week of my life has been consumed by two things:

1) fighting with my 9 year old laptop which is dying a shockingly fast death lol, and

2) preparing to MOVE TO COSTA FRIGGIN’ RICA!!!

Like, what?

I can’t wait to post my first instagram from Costa Rica with the caption “NEW NUMBER WHO DIS.” I’m such a loser. This legitimately excites me. You heard it here first folks.

Nobody steal my caption. #originalthots

Want to know the full juicy details on Costa Rica? Watch the video above and at about 6:45 mins I get my life together and tell you wtf is going on and WHY I am moving to Costa Rica!

But actually you should probably watch the whole vlog, because I got up at 5 am to film some EPIC SUNRISE SHOTS on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver.

If you likey this video, make sure you remember to LIKE IT on Youtube!! 

This is what’s happening. Next week, I shall begin my Costa Rican adventure. And ya’ll are coming along for the ride!! This girl is finally semi getting the hang of vlogging and Ima film the whole dang thing.

I will also have a new laptop so the technical difficulties experienced this past week will hopefully be reduced to a minimum. 🔥


I’m off to go watch some sort of trashy tv show. Haven’t picked my poison yet. But it’s gonna be minimal on the intelligence high on the entertainment value.

CANT WAIT TO BRING YOU TO COSTA RICA!!! Is this even happening?!?!

Love you, miss you, hugs for you.





  1. Oh my gosh you are freaking awesome! I followed your blog back in the day, then went MIA for a bit after having a baby, but have been following you on insta for a long time and recently came back to your site and LOVE your blog revamp and am loving your videos, your personality is so charming! Best of luck to you on your new adventure and keep producing killer content! muah!

    1. Hey girl!! Really appreciate you writing me 🙂 So awesome to have OG skinny belle readers here! Congratulations on the new baby <3

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