How to make your lips look bigger!

Want to make them lips POP?! 💋

This is the tutorial for you. I share 5 easy steps you can take in your regular beauty routine to make your lips look way bigger than they are! Kylie Jenner style baby. 😉

I mean…. Just look at the before and after photos above lol. Girl does some SERIOUS WERK to make my lips look like they do. 😂

And I shared alllll the juicy details!!!

Here are the products I used to get big juicy Kylie Jenner-like lips:

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Lip Cheat’ Lip Liner –

Charlotte Tilbury ‘B*tch Perfect’ Lipstick –

Rosebud Lip Balm $6!!! –

Marc Jacobs Contour Kit –

OKAY GO WATCH THE VIDEO!! 🎥 Enough chitter chatter from me.

Also, if you like the edit, make sure you let me know by giving the video a “thumbs up” on YouTube! 😘 Oh and leave a comment. It makes me feel the warm and fuzzies inside.




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