Welcome to Hornby Island! Hornby Island is famously known as Canada’s “little Hawaii,” so I absolutely had to go and see what it was all about for myself. This tiny island takes about 5-6 hours to get to from the city of Vancouver, and requires a bit of planning to make sure you have a successful first trip.

Starting off in Horseshoe Bay, my friend Aneta and I took our first of three ferries to Nanaimo. After you arrive in Nanaimo, you can expect about a two hour drive to Buckely Bay. Here you will board your second ferry to Denman Island, and then finally on to Hornby Island. Make sure you have your accommodation booked in advance if you plan on visiting Hornby, because there is very limited availability and you don’t want to get stuck with nowhere to stay!

Even though it is a bit of a trek to get here, it is 110% worth it! This little BC island has some of the most insanely beautiful nature I’ve ever seen. The weather wasn’t the best for our visit but the island itself was still seriously impressive. I can only imagine how incredible Hornby Island would be on a beautiful sunny day!

This epic BC trip was also my very first time glamping! We stayed at a gorgeous spot called Fossil Beach Farm, where your “tent” is literally right on the water. I woke up every morning to birds chirping and felt so relaxed and rejuvenated. Definitely would recommend checking out Fossil Beach if you are looking for a unique glamping experience on Hornby.

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