Welcome back to another beautiful day on Hornby Island! My friend Aneta Michniak and I have been staying at a spot called Fossil Beach Farm. It’s set up as a “glamping” site, and your tents are located literally right on the beach. Staying at Fossil Beach has been one of my favourite experiences I’ve had to date… A very unique way to experience the island.

In today’s Canadian travel vlog, we visit Tribune Bay Beach and Helliwell Provincial Park (for a second time!) Tribune Bay Beach is famously known as the “little Hawaii” of Canada because of the immaculate white sand and blue water. It was pretty chilly when we visited first thing in the morning, but I definitely can imagine how incredible it would be on a sunny hot day.

We also made the decision to go back to Helliwell Provincial Park to walk around the whole thing! The first time we visited Helliwell we got so caught up exploring the area closest to the parking lot, we missed out on most of the park. Give yourself at least half a day to visit Helliwell if you decide to go 🙂

This is my last day visiting Hornby Island, and I am so sad to be leaving! Highly recommend booking minimum 3 nights if you are planning a trip, as it takes quite a while to get there and you want to maximize your time on the island itself. Another tip would be to pack in your own food & wine because the local co-op has very limited hours during this time. And finally… have FUN! Hornby is a beautiful place to visit and I cannot wait to go back.

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