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Jacket: John + Jenn / Sweater: Zara / Shoes: Converse / Jeans: Citizens

Okay soooo I took a wee little trip to London last week! I’d never been before, so it was unreal to get to see the city and catch up with some friends who are living there right now. 🙂

When I travel I am not big on doing the “touristy” things, but I always feel this obligation (guilt?) to do them. Do any of you get that feeling too? Honestly it’s ridiculous haha. So anywho, to avoid myself feeling guilt ridden, I’ll go and power through all the touristy stuff just to “say I did it.” And if I am being honest I usually really enjoy myself once I start touristing haha. Because hell, things are famous for a reason. It usually means they are good. 

The photos above are me fresh off the plane (9.5 hours dbsjaguehskiwgdb 😭) powering through a few touristy things. I was quite jet lagged and definitely not feeling fresh, but it was a great time anyways. 

I have lots more great photos to share with you, and my tips for the best places to go in London! (Aside from the tourist traps 😉)





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  1. Come swing by Edinburgh! I love London and have gotten to visit a bunch since moving to the UK for school. I totally feel you on the touristy thing; being a New Yorker, it hurts my soul everytime but some of the tourist stuff is really worth seeing (although Big Ben was a bit shorter than I imagined….). Can’t wait to hear your London recommendations!
    xx, Pia


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