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My adventures through the Shoreditch neighbourhood in London!

Shoreditch was absolutely the best. I totally fell in love with the neighbourhood and spent a good amount of time there on my trip. Great food, art, shopping, and beautiful little streets to wander through all day.

Here were some of the highlights from Shoreditch for me:

ALBION CAFE – You have to eat here if you want to try traditional British food that doesn’t suck (if we are being honest the British are not exactly known for their cuisine lol.) It was seriously so delicious I can’t even. 😉 We had the Meat Pie which had nice big pieces of turkey and chicken (to die for) and the Braised Brisket Hash with Spinach and Fried Egg. Uhg so good. Miss it already. Click here to check out the full menu from the Albion Cafe.

STREET ART – Soooo much of it! My patience for art/museums is pretty slim at best (see my New York post lol.) For me, street art is literally the best thing because I can just look at it as I walk around doing my business. There was some awesome work done in Shoreditch and I definitely recommend you go check it out.

LABOUR & WAIT – Another store that I absolutely loved in Shoreditch. There is a lot of vintage going on in the Shoreditch neighbourhood which isn’t exactly my cup of tea, so I was happy to be exploring other non-vintage stores. Labour and Wait was a really cool home-ware store that had the cutest collection of kitchen stuff that all looked super vintage and cool but wasn’t really. It was awesome and I had a hard time not buying the whole store. I am a total sucker for kitchen stuff. 

BOXPARK – Food and shopping! The best of both worlds are combined in this unique pop-up mall that is made entirely of shipping containers (trendy, I know.) Mostly mainstream brands but it was a fun experience and I had awesome pulled pork there (and pulled pork is life.)

Okay that’s all for today folks! Do you guys have any fave spots to hit up in the Shoreditch area? Let me know in the comments below 🙂




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