Coat: Etnica

After a fun weekend away, I lay here in a bed of sickness and pain 😭😭😭 Flying is the worst. Actually, maybe it’s just my shiteous immune system but either way, girl is now sick. And tomorrow we are leaving for a ski trip to Park City.


So this is a public message to my body… GET IT TOGETHER GIRL. Cannot be sick for the first ski weekend of the year!! 😩

Anywho, while I am chilling in bed doing important things like catching up with all my missed Kardashian episodes (Kylie is sooooo preggers… amirite? Girl has been hiding from the media for months now and only wears massive baggy t-shirts. TELL US PLS IM DYING HERE!!! 😂) I am also going through my photos from Monday in Chicago!

Was my first time in the city and oh my god did I love it. Real for realz. Didn’t really expect much out of Chicago, not sure why, but I was very impressed. We had great food (if you are ever in Chicago go to Eataly, it’s the best. Used to eat there in Milan all the time!) and even better drinks.

There was this epic cocktail spot called The Aviary and they have hands down the craziest cocktails ever. I was snapping like a madwoman and even got in trouble for using flash. *Eyeroll* can’t tame me.

Oh and of course, we went and saw the bean. It is a very majestic bean. But more on that once I finish editing my vlog from the day. Hopeeeefully that will be up tomorrow, but don’t hold me to that. 😜

Okay back to go drink as many litres of water as possible to try and fight off this damn cold. Uhg. My lyyyfeeeee.



Biiiii ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜




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