Doing cardio is actually my favourite way to get my fitness in. I just love the feeling of running and find that it makes me physically feel the healthiest. For me, I do some of my best brainstorming or problem solving while running. It is a nice time where you can think and just focus on your strides. Anyone with me on this one?!

For all of my workouts I have posted so far (Sexy Booty and Legs Workout and the 12-Minute Total Body Workout) I do interval cardio training as my warm up. Sometimes I will do a longer cardio session (45 minutes usually) as my whole workout, but it depends on how I am feeling that day!

So… What is interval training you ask?? Basically it is alternating between period of high intensity cardio to periods of low intensity cardio multiple times during a workout.

My routine (which is just what works best for me) is to warm up power walking for about 10 minutes, and then do 3 minutes jogging, and two minutes power walking. Repeating the 3 and 2 pattern as many times as I feel like! Most of the time I will do these intervals for 30 – 35 minutes total. 

What are the benefits of interval training? Well… Here’s the skinny!

  • You will burn more calories over a short period of time in comparison to steady rate cardio.
  • Improved your cardiovascular fitness (AKA a healthier heart!)
  • I find it makes a workout more interesting… and the time passes faster haha! 😛
  • Interval training burns more fat than just traditional cardio.

And there you have it! So glad I got to get a bit of a run in and share with you my favorite interval routine. Do any of you do intervals in your workouts?!






  1. Massive interval fan! I do tabata sessions = 8x rounds of 20 second sprints followed by 10 secs rest… (4mins total) then a series of weights/exercise reps, following the same pattern, then back to sprints etc. on a good day I keep inserting the sprint rounds after each other series… but other days I might just do 2x sprint rounds.. as you say depends how you’refeeling!

    Sah xx

  2. You are almost inspiring me to start working out. Right now I do yoga and walk my dog, plus occasionally dance. But a regular cardio program would probably be a good idea. Cute outfit on the model.

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