Welcome to the very first Skinny Belle workout! I am so excited to share my favourite workout routines with you. For each workout post, I have made a downloadable JPG file that covers the whole workout (with directions) so you can easily save it to your phone and look at it while you are at the gym! The photos shown above are just a little preview of what the whole workout entails. πŸ˜‰ So make sure you click the Skinny Belle Workout link to get the whole workout!

The Skinny Belle 12-Minute Total Body Workout is a great way to get your core in quickly after a solid cardio session. I like to do this workout after I have ran for about 6 km to make sure my core is staying tight. This super quick core workout is intended to be done after at least 30 minutes of your favourite cardio.

This is one of my fave workouts because it’s fairly easy and quick. Nobody wants to be spending hours working out… aint nobody got time for that! Having efficient workouts makes them 1) wayyy less intimidating to do and 2) less time gobbling for your day.

So CLICK HERE to check out the 12 Minute Total Body Workout! Can’t wait to start working out together! Let me know how you like this workout in the comments below. <3






  1. I need to try this today! It’s a bit different compared to my workout but it seems great! I really hope to have a run together around Vancouver soon πŸ˜€ You’re doing a great job with your blog Robyn πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Robyn! Great post, and I love your blog. It’s so clean and easy to read.

    I’ll be traveling soon and this looks like an awesome way to squeeze in a workout in a hotel room. Great timing! Thanks for posting it.


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