This weekend we went on a very Canadian adventure… off-roading in the mountains up in Kelowna, BC. I absolutely love to get outdoors and explore, so much fun.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember that I mentioned I found a really cool French company a few weeks back. Well, my order came in and I can finally share my awesome discovery with you!!

See my fab new glasses? Well, I found them from a little online shop called Polette. They are French, they are chic, and I am in love. Polette’s concept is spot on. They are all about making high quality glasses (and sunglasses… summer is coming!!) without the nasty price tag. They are an online store, and they ship worldwide!! Yes, for once Canada is not left out. I am always so happy any time a company offers worldwide shipping haha.

So, what is the magic behind Polette’s low prices and high quality? They are the only intermediary between their factory, and the end customer. SMART. And, they have a huge selection of all-original frames, which I spent far too long browsing through. Minutes turned into hours and then there I was at the checkout! 😛 Want to take a look for yourself? Click here to see their range of styles (vintage, classic, retro… all the good stuff.)

My Polette glasses arrived just before I took off for the weekend, so obviously I rocked them the entire time. Totally in love with this brand right now. If you want to learn some more about my French crush (oui oui!!) check out their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments below! <3





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