The other day I teamed up with Vancouver photographer Johnny Se and makeup artist Elena Ismail to do this creative photoshoot! They have such a cool and unique style, so I was super excited to work with them. Not to mention we had so much fun shooting these pics!

The sunburn was SO REAL this day. Like, I was basically like a nice crispy piece of bacon after we were all done. Haha! Usually when I talk about bacon it is in a happy way, but when I am referring to the state of my poor poor sunburnt skin…. not so happy. Considering my ginger status, you think I would have learned by now that when you are going out into the desert that sunscreen is a good idea. Nope. Indeed not the case. 

If you havent already, check out Johnny and Elena’s work! They do some really cool stuff.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend!! Talk soon 🙂





8 Replies to “PHOTOSHOOT FUN”

  1. Well honey, you look gorgeous! I love the accessory on you!
    I must say.. I’m in love with your header picture as well. You looks so gorgeously natural 🙂 xx
    Jade x

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