These beautiful creamy colours are killing me! The eggshell/white/brown tones… *yum*. Throughout the winter I am totally guilty for dressing in an all-black uniform all the time. It just seems safer with all the rain and gross weather haha. Now that things are starting to warm up a bit here in Vancouver, I have been more than happy to break out lighter shades. When it comes to spring outfits, I am all about neutral colours. Well if I am being honest I usually just wear neutral colours all year round. By neutral colours I mean grey, white, eggshell, cream, black (if its winter), and whatever other shades I am missing here haha. 

The reason I like to keep my closet to mostly neutral colours is they tend to create the most classic looks, and more importantly you can wear them more than once. If I buy a really bright and colourful top, I will probably wear it once (maybe twice if I am feeling bad) :p When I buy a piece that is a neutral colour, I will mix and match it with all my other neutral colours and wear it many times! That is why I recommend buying as many neutral coloured clothing pieces as possible. It just makes putting something together in the morning that much easier. That being said, obviously a sista needs to go wild once and a while and add some bright and vibrant pieces to her closet. You know??

Alright guys, on to what I am actually wearing. Both my dress and my jacket are from Zara! To be honest I never started shopping there until I went to Spain and discovered the Zara there…. sweet jesus is it ever amazing. Everything is sooo much cheaper and there are so many more options. Anyways that experience opened my eyes to shopping at Zara in Canada, and I actually really like it! My favourite part of this outfit is the jacket. It is a perfect “between season” spring jacket. Totally going to rock it with some ripped jeans soon.

As for my shoes, I am IN LOVE (yes, l-o-v-e) with these right now. They are so freaking comfortable, and they match so easily with most things in my closet! Again, waddup neutral colours. I can’t actually remember the brand right now…. (awkward my bad) but I will check when I get home 🙂

Do you guys prefer neutral colours like me, or are you more into bold and bright colours?! Let me know in the comments below <3





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    1. Agreed! It is nice to switch it up. I definitely lean towards more neutral colours for the most part though 🙂 We all have our own styles though, which is exactly what makes things so exciting!! 😀

  1. Congratulations on having one of the most sophisticated blogs Ive come across in some time! Its just incredible how much you can take away from something simply because of how visually beautiful it is. Youve put together a great blog space –great graphics, videos, layout. This is definitely a must-see blog!

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