Hi everyone! So I took these photos when I was up in Whistler this weekend. The original plan was to shoot this dress out on the end of a dock on this gorgeous frozen lake. Because that’s a normal thing to want… right? I had a vision, JEEZE. So anyways, we get out there and its about -100 degrees Celsius and I am slipping and sliding all over the place in my heels on this stupid frozen dock. I think I slightly resembled a drowning squirrel, at least that’s how I felt lol. This would be the point when I promptly declared that I hated Canada and had no idea why I live in such a cold place. Weird, because I love skiing and that’s in the cold. But apparently I don’t like the cold so much when it is off the mountains haha! Don’t worry, I actually do love Canada lots I was just angry at that the weather was stopping me from getting my perfect shot. 😛

Once I realized it was basically like the North Pole outside, I decided it would be better to shoot this look inside. Not the original style of photo I wanted for you guys today, but I don’t have hypothermia so that’s a plus. (Only a problem Canadian bloggers will understand haha.)

This dress is a new find from Free People. The material is soooo cozy, it’s a great dress for winter. One of my favourite parts of the dress are the cutouts on the arms and waist. They add such a nice shape to the dress, which tends to emphasize them curves. (Yes, them curves. Lol.)

My shoes are from Nine West, and are also so comfy (especially for heels!) I am totally into the pointed toe look these days. There will be quite a few more shoes like this coming your way soon! Check out this post where I also wore these shoes. 

And finally, my beauuuutiful pearls. These bad boys are from Birks. They make me feel like a freaking rockstar. Why? Whooooo knows. Just something about them. Do you ever have that? When something you own just makes you feel outrageously fab for no good reason? It’s kind of the best! Haha 🙂 

Can’t wait to share my upcoming posts with you, lots of fun stuff planned!





12 Replies to “LONG DRESS”

  1. Still these pictures show the elegance of that dress and the beautiful details 🙂 You look stunning!
    I understand how frustrating can be sometimes dealing with extreme temperatures like, for example here where I live summer is way too hot and I kind of hate my city due to its weather, haha. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, right? 😉


  2. Oh, when I saw this dress (right after falling in love with it) I though, “That looks like Free People.” And then I read the post and was right, haha. It looks great on you, I’m such a fan of their clothes as well.

    Z. | J. POTTER

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