This is pretty much as close to a uniform I will ever get. I am a huge fan of long skirts (what else is new) and any sort of little crop top. So this ends up being my outfit 9 times out of 10 haha! This black skirt is my favourite right now, and I cannot get enough of how sheer it is! I don’t think you can really see it in the photos too well but it is super sheer in person. I find it makes an otherwise conservative skirt a little sassier. 

My crop top is from H&M, and I literally paid $5 for it!! Sales are the BEST. It was actually a really loose top, but I decided I liked it better tied up like this. I was feeling bad, you know how it is ;).

Outfits like this are what I wear when I am feeling lazy and want to be comfortable, yet still look glam.  There is something just so beautiful about a long skirt… It may or may not be that they make me feel like a princess. OKAY FINE. That’s totally why. Girl can dream though, no?

Now off to have some dinner. Have a great night! <3





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