HOW FUN IS THIS OUTFIT?! <– see you know how fun I think it is by the emphasis I put on the letters by writing them in caps lock. Hilar? No? 

Well anywho, I think this outfit is actually so much fun. There is something about jumpers that make me feel like a little kid running around amiss on the beach. Digging holes in the sand and then throwing the sand-mud at my mom. Just kidding, I would never do that. I was a little angel as a child. (Or so my mother tells me I was. hehe) Also speaking of my mother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMSIES!!!!!! (<– see I also wrote this in caps to emphasis the importance and excitement!!! K stopping now.)

Anyways, this post is dedicated to my wonderful mother. Who really should make her own twitter account so she can warn the general public about all the dangers and harm that could get them in this world. For example, the other day she told me to not walk without shoes in a dog park cuz I could step in shit. #WISDOM. She also told me never to take candy from strangers. Needless to say that one went out the window. If someone wants to give me free candy you sure as hell bet I will take it.

All jokes aside, thank you for being the best mom in the whole wide world. You raised me to be crazy enough to think I can do anything, and have given me every opportunity a girl could ever want. (I am still waiting for my Lamborghini but I guess that can wait for my next birthday. I would like a black one please.) Anyways, I love you and you are the best…. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! I hope I look just as fab as you when I turn 29 🙂 (don’t kill me for this post please.)






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