Top: Brandy Melville / Bottoms: Urban Outfitters

Having talented friends, it’s a thing of beauty. Did a fun little series with Aneta Michniak the other day. I am in love with this shoot because it totally channels John Lennon, and everybody knows the Beatles are where it’s at. Well, everyone who knows what’s good knows that. ?

Seriously feel like I missed out on one of the best eras. Back in the day, everything was badass. Rock and Roll, bad AF. Having weird bowl-cut hair, bad AF. Now you basically have to do something that will put you in jail for 20 years before anyone blinks an eye. ? I blame the internet.

Anywaysssss, enough out of me for today. Hope you guys love this shoot as much as I do! There’s another cool set from this one coming your way soon too. So stay tuned. ❤️


Ps: If  you haven’t checked out Aneta’s photos yet, click here. She’s an amazing photographer, so I suggest you do so!

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