Jacket: Zara / Jeans: Citizens / Shoes: Michael Kors


Just wrapped up a weekend in LA and was it ever amazing. There was a sun, I saw the sun, the sun was on my face, and I was not cold. I repeat: was. not. cold.

Definitely packed as much fun as possible into this short trip… Starting with Malibu! These photos were shot just outside Malibu at “Malibu Creek State Park”, which was simply stunning. The pictures really don’t do it justice. If you are ever visiting California, or live there and haven’t been yet, definitely go check out this park. There’s a great walking trail and the further you go the more gorgeous it gets!

As for my outfit, did my best to rep Canada with a Canadian tuxedo on my American weekend. Jean-on-jean all day every day. Really into it right now haha. I especially love these Citizens I picked up at Aritzia the other week. They fit like a glove and somehow comfortably fit my bum and are still tight on the waist. It is a real struggle finding jeans that fit both my waist and rear end (really.) So super happy about this purchase. Also shout out to the Citizens team for FINALLY lowering their prices back down to $300 a pair. For a while there these went for $420 each… which in my opinion is kind of stretching it considering in a few months they will likely not be in style anymore. So yay! Back to semi-reasonable pricing 🙂

What do you think of this look? Would you rock the Canadian tux?


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