… “BLUE JEAN BABY, LA LADYYYY!” (<– Sung exactly like Elton John. Because Elton John is awesome.) I honestly barely understand 90% of the music we listen to these days. Benny and the Jets is just so much better, in every single way. Mainly because there is actual singing, and an actual band, and not just techno beats. Okay anyways that is enough of my random rambling for today. Back to the actual point of this post, my outfit!

Throughout the winter in Vancouver, this is basically my uniform. Almost every single day I wear a pair of comfy jeans (whichever are cleanest/closest lol), an oversized sweater, and some sort of leather boot. It’s easy, I don’t have to think about it, and I like to think that I look semi put-together.

My boots were purchased at a small shop in Milan, where I have actually bought quite a few other pairs of shoes. It is honestly the best store, and the prices are unreal! Can’t actually remember the name but if I am ever in that neck of the woods again I will be sure to take note for you.

The sweater is from Zara, and just guess how much I paid. $20!!!! Yea that’s right, winning. I am such a deal hunter sometimes I think I have a bit of a problem. Sales get me every time.

My sunnies were purchased at a vintage market in Croatia this summer! Even just wearing these sunglasses makes me miss traveling. Maybe it’s time to book a trip soon… hmmmm. *Opens up Expedia to look at flights*

And finally, my jeans are from my fave brand, Citizens of Humanity! They are stretchy, and comfy, and always just seem to fit me right. I love when you find a brand where everything they make seems to fit perfectly! 

Hope you guys all had a great weekend! Lots of love <3





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  1. Oh I miss shopping in Vancouver and all the awesome sales shops would always have! They opened up an H&M and Forever 21 here in Sydney, Aus at the end of last year and I went a few weeks ago but the selection is SO minimal compared to what’s in Canada/America. 🙁

    1. Ahhh worst!! Ya there is quite a bit of selection in Vancouver too now. Definitely not as much as the US, but we are not suffering!

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