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Okay so I have a confession to make. I have pretty much been living in jumpers for this entire summer. They are THE easiest outfit to wear and look semi put-together while doing it (with minimal effort.) Because really, think about it… jumpers are basically adult onesies that are socially acceptable to wear in public. #WINNING. And all you have to do it throw one of those bad boys on and you are out the door looking fab. Which is efficient. And you guys know how much I love efficiency. Efficiency is the key to life. Really… haha. Being efficient means you have time to fit all of your favourite things in. And I dare you to tell me you know someone who doesn’t love doing all their favourite things!

Moving right along…. *ahem*

My Billabong in BC series continues! I absolutely love this jumper, for many reasons other than the efficiency of wearing a jumper (LOL.) If you guys don’t think I am weird yet I am legitimately concerned for you. K so ANYWAYS, this jumper from Billabong is unreal. It is low-backed and comfy as ever. The fact that I don’t have to wear a bra with this is just fantastic. Because, freedom. (Anyone feel me on this??)

You can order your own Billabong Jumper by clicking here

What did you guys think of this episode of Billabong in BC by Skinny Belle?! Which is your favourite so far? In case you missed them, check out Skinny Belle’s Billabong in BC episode I, episode II, and episode III








  1. I love literally everything from Billabong and have been dying over these posts. Love this jumper too! I can’t be bothered to make full outfits during the summer so jumpers, rompers and dresses have been my go-to. Love your posts!
    <3 Pia

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