Tee: Chaser / Sunnies: Ray-Ban Clubmasters

Hiii friends!

Writing to you from my bathtub. With a pizza. Because I am a professional like that.

Today’s post is all about vintage rocker tees. I am so fucking excited about these shirts, because I genuinely love (and regularly listen to) half the bands on them! AC/DC is one of my top favourites of all time. ALL. TIME. Their music is just so fucking rad. So badass. So damn cool.

Anyways now I wear vintage rocker t-shirts so I can lead myself to believe I am also a badass rockstar and not a ginger with a faint burn from spending 15 minutes in the sun unprotected. I am also allergic to bananas. Not rockstar at all. #nerd

Side note: Recently I watched “Almost Famous” and was FUCKING OBSESSED. Kate Hudson killed it in that movie. I am only about 10 years late with this one but you know what they say… better late than never. If you are also a dork like me and haven’t seen Almost Famous, go watch it meow. You will instantly feel like a rebel, you rebel. 😉


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