When you’re expecting a puppy…

LOL! Totally kidding, I am not actuallllly expecting a puppy for Valentine’s Day.

… or am I… 😂

hahah anyways,

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!!! ❤

No matter what your relationship status is this year, I hope you are having a happy day. Treat yourself, buy yourself something sweet/salty/carby… whatever floats your boat and wash it down with some rose. Because, we deserve it.

All about just having a great day today, with or without a significant other! You can easily get drunk and judge the olympics from the comfort of your own  home, and have a  grand old time. I did it last year (minus the olympics part) and it was fab.

This year, I have a bae, and we are actually just chilling out tonight. We will be doing our very official ‘Valentine’s Day date’ this weekend when the restaurant craziness calms down.

So the plan to get drunk and be an at-home olympic figure skating judge still stands lol.

Anyone else doing this tonight?? Just me?

Message me your vday plans on instagram! Love to catch up with you guys and know whats happening in your lyyyfeeee.

Hugs and kisses! 😘




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