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Today I want to talk about something that is so important to me, and makes up a major part of the Skinny Belle lifestyle: balance. “Balance” is such a simple concept, yet is so vitally important to your overall health. Balance can be applied to all parts of your life, but today I want to specifically talk about balance when it comes to your eating routine.

Let’s start by talking about diets. I am going to be clear about this… DIETS DON’T WORK. They suck. By diet, I am referring to a short-term extreme change in your eating pattern with the end goal being to lose weight. Let me tell you (being real honest here,) if you can name a diet… I have tried it. That’s what 8 years of modeling gets you. And that is also why I am here for you! To share my experiences, lessons learned, and finally the great balanced lifestyle tips and tricks I have cultivated.

So, what did I learn about diets over my years of modeling? Well yea you might lose a few pounds in a short period of time, but you sure as hell can bet that you will gain more than you lost back. Extreme diets can bring fast results, but they are definitely not long-term ones. Your body craves nutrients (a wide variety of them at that) and diets do not give you all the nutrients you need. I promise you, if you start doing random diets in an attempt to “lose weight” you will just end up binging after. This is because when you deny yourself of wholesome nutritious food, your body will crave a bunch of crap you probably wouldn’t have wanted to eat otherwise. I know when I know I “can’t” have something that pretty much makes that thing I “can’t” have be the only thing on my mind haha.

The solution to diets?

The Skinny Belle Lifestyle.

Seriously, this shit works. (And remember, today we are just talking about food!) This is a way of thinking and being. NOT a diet. This is how I have maintained my health and well-being for many years now. 

Okay so what are the main principles of the Skinny Belle Lifestyle?



I am all about it and all over it. Yes I eat natural, wholesome foods 80% of the time. The other 20%, I am inhaling nachos at my favourite pub or crushing M&M’s like it’s my job. Or chocolate. Or pizza. Holy crap I love pizza. I want a pizza. Okay but you get the point. The majority of the things you eat should be natural, clean, and healthy. Things that make you feel like a freaking queen when you eat them. The other 20%, are the things that the devil might eat. But you love it anyways because you’re a bad bish. And you will eat them without feeling guilty, because you deserve to enjoy all the best things in life. <3


Love the food you eat, and love your body. You are beautiful, you are unique, and you are different than every other person on this planet. And that is what makes people so awesome! How much would it suck if we were all the same. My god… would be so boring. Anyways, my point is: love what you put in your body. When food is created with love and care, it shows. Nobody created a McDonalds Big Mac with love. Ever. That delicious Turkey Bolognese Sauce you made for your man, that is made with loveeeee. And is filled with nutrients. And is so delicious. To be truly balanced in your eating, you need to love the food you are eating and love how it makes you feel.


There was a very dark time in my life when I was a vegetarian. For two whole years I didn’t see the light of day. LOL I kid! I had my reasons, and I still stand by my choice. That being said, completely eliminating something from your diet is no good either. I used to have dreams about drinking gravy. That is not normal. Part of the Skinny Belle Lifestyle is to never say never. Saying “I will never eat chips again EVER!” Will make you dream about chips. You will see chips in your boyfriends face. You will try to eat his face (not in a good way.) It is just bad news. Just make sure you don’t put anything “off limits.” Unless you are allergic to something/have dietary restrictions, then stay far away from those foods haha. (**Side note: total love & respect you veggies and vegans out there <3 This was just an example of myself dreaming of gravy when I couldn’t have it lol)


Listen to your body. Eat mindfully (or try to.) To be honest this is something I am still working on. I love food, I love to eat, and I get excited when I eat. Sometimes when you are eating the most delicious dish ever it can be really hard to listen to your body and slow down, and feel when you are full. This is all about being mindful. Be mindful of your portion size, and know when your stomach is telling your brain it is full.


And that’s it ladies and gentlemen! The Skinny Belle Lifestyle principles. Balance, love, never say never, and listen. Simple.

One of my main goals with Skinny Belle was to share my favourite tips and tricks to living your healthiest lifestyle, while still enjoying all the best things in life. I am by no means perfect (hence BALANCE and my 20% nachos time hehe) and am just sharing what I have found to work for me. As I always recommend, make sure you do your own research and find out what works best for you. This is just what has worked for me, and I have found living a balanced lifestyle to be the best way for me to stay fit.

What do you guys think of these principles? Would you add anything to this list? Do you use any of these in your daily life?? Feel free to share in the comments section below <3






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